Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Deadline Approaching for Uncommon Fund!

Apply to the Uncommon Fund!
Deadline: Friday, January 22.

The Uncommon Fund is a $40,000 pot of money that allows all students (undergrad and grad) to submit proposals for ANYTHING. This includes events, capital improvement projects or anything else you can imagine! We are looking for creative, innovative and unique proposals. BE CREATIVE!


Due to the high level of applicants, the grant process takes place in two rounds. Only grants selected for a second round will need to fill out part two of the application. All grants will be evaluated by a selection committee. Applicants that are selected for a second round will be able to present to this committee before the committee makes its final selections.

The first rounds consists of:

I:Summary Sheet
II: Project Abstract Please include a Title and a Project Abstract in 250 words or less.
III: Financial Summary Attach an itemized budget.

The second round includes a complete project narrative and additional attachments.

Should you have any questions regarding the application, or the process, please send an email to uncommonfund@gmail.com. Below is a list of important dates:

1/22/10 First Round Applications Due: 5:00 PM
1/25/10 Committee Meets: First Round Selections
1/26-1/29/10 Notification of Second Round Projects
2/14/10 Second Round Applications Due: 5:00 PM
2/14-19/10 Independent Reviews by Committee
2/20/10 Committee Meets: Project Presentations [10:00 AM-5:00 PM]
*2/22/10 Committee Meets to select Grant Recipients
2/26/10 Grants Announced by Friday, 2/26/10