Wednesday, January 20, 2010

OMSA Graduate and Professional Brown Bag: Ernesto Garcia: A Desert of Meaning

Ernesto Garcia: A Desert of Meaning

Monday, January 25 from 12:00 pm – 1:15 pm at 5710 South Woodlawn

Graduate student in Comparative Human Development Ernesto Garcia will present their research on the deployment of learning methodologies by those pursuing social mobility.

Ernesto’s paper, titled “A Desert of Meaning,” is being presented for discussion and comment.

RSVPs are appreciated but not required. This event is open to all. Lunch will be provided.

E-mail Jean Chen at if you wish to have a copy of the paper. Additionally, e-mail Jean if you have any questions, need an accommodation in order to participate, or would like to present at an Office of Multicultural Student Affairs Brown Bag.

From the paper:

“This project examines learning methodologies as both an experiential category and as a strategy for mobility within socioeconomic hierarchies. I observe contrasting learning styles between formal and informal intellectuals as functions of social class, and I attempt to identify the relationship between intellectuality, rebellion, and social status.

“The paper rests on three chief arguments: one, that class plays a central role in the learning methods and development of intellectuals; two, that the worth of an individual is determined through social stratification and corresponding idiosyncrasies, and not through an individual’s intelligence and ability to contribute to a society; three, that rebellion is a moral act aimed at challenging the status quo with the intention of gaining the opportunity to develop human potential to its fullest.”