Thursday, January 14, 2010

Students Organize Relief Efforts for Earthquake Victims

Students Organize Relief Efforts for Earthquake Victims

The African and Caribbean Student Association (ACSA), Puerto Rican Student Association (PRSA) and Beats and Pieces have joined forces in organizing a drive for Haiti and the Dominican Republic. This drive will take place beginning Friday, January 15 and continue until Friday, January 29. Donations will be accepted at the following locations:

• Reynold’s Club daily from 9am-5pm
• 5710 South Woodlawn

Proceeds will be donated to Partners in Health and the American Red Cross. For additional information, please contact

Partners in Health

From their website:

"A major earthquake centered just 10 miles from Port-au-Prince has devastated the country. Partners in Health and its partner organization Zanmi Lasante has worked in Haiti for nearly twenty-five years, and today is one of the largest non-governmental health care providers in the country.

"Partners In Health staff in Boston and Haiti are working to collect as much information as possible about the conditions on the ground, the relief efforts taking shape, and all relevant logistics issues in order to respond efficiently and effectively to the most urgent needs in the field. We are working to ensure PIH’s coordinated relief efforts leveraging the skills of more than 120 doctors and nearly 500 nurses and nursing assistants who work at Zanmi Lasante’s sites."

American Red Cross

From their Public Affairs Desk:

"With estimates that as many as three million people may be affected by the catastrophic earthquake which hit Haiti Tuesday, the American Red Cross is releasing an additional $9 million for earthquake relief, bringing its total commitment so far to $10 million to support relief efforts in Haiti.

"Priority needs in Haiti are food, water, temporary shelter, medical services and emotional support. Thousands of local Red Cross volunteers are aiding their fellow Haitians. American Red Cross Disaster management specialists are scheduled to arrive today from the United States, Peru and Mexico to join local Red Cross staff already on the ground in the disaster zone. As soon as airports begin accepting relief shipments, tarps, hygiene items and cooking sets for approximately 5,000 families will come from the Red Cross warehouse in Panama."

Read the rest of the statement for information on donating online, by telephone, or by text message.

National Relief Efforts

Following are two additional national relief efforts which you may consider supporting.

Yéle Haiti

Recommended by the Center for Latin American Studies:

"The Yéle Haiti organization is currently accepting donations. Yéle Haiti 'is a grassroots movement that builds global awareness for Haiti while helping to transform the country through programs in education, sports, the arts and environment. Yéle’s community service programs include food distribution and mobilizing emergency relief.'"


Also recommended by the Center for Latin American Studies:

"'In coordination with other UN agencies present on the ground, UNICEF will provide supplies to allow access to adequate sanitation, safe water and basic health care. The U.S. Fund for UNICEF has already release $500,000 to assist in the emergency response.' 100% of your contributions will reach the U.S. Fund for UNICEF to support emergency relief efforts."