Friday, March 19, 2010

SBX: Spring Break '10!

Well the time as come for one and all to pack their swimsuits and sunscreen and head to the beach! Spring Break is here and there is no need to fear—well if you follow these simple tips for a fun, healthy, and safe break!

In continuation to celebrating Women’s History Month, we wanted to take a moment to focus on how women can keep themselves health and safe during their Spring Break. With the shock that Natalie Calloway’s story sparked with her disappearance in 2005, it is important that women know what to do when they are far from home and with strangers.

Tips for Safety:

Be smart: you are all very smart women and can probably dictate a list of safety concerns your parents or guardians have given you since you were 5. But the truth of the matter is that you do not know what you will do in a given situation until you are there. As much fun as you are having, you have to be smart about who you talk to you, who you give your number too, and especially who you let know where you are staying. The same tricks that you know criminals can do in the United States, there are many kinds of cons that can happen aboard or at vacation spots.

Don’t leave your stuff:
Just like you would not leave your stuff out in the open at Boarder’s on 53rd street—don’t leave your passport, money, or other personal belongings out in the hotels or resorts you will be visiting. Keep your stuff put away so you are the only one who knows where they are.

Sex and other intimate activities:
Know that you know no-one! On vacation, people can put on many different personas—they are having “fun”. It is fine to make friends, but trust that you need stay with the people you came with because you know them more then the people in the new place. Make sure you are smart about engaging in any risky behavior and always use your best judgment to protect yourself and your body by using protection and being smart.

Drink responsibly: It is crucial that you know your limit when it comes to alcohol. The CDC reports on the website the following about drinking:
“Alcohol intoxication can be detrimental to health for a variety of reasons, including, but not limited to
• Impaired brain function resulting in poor judgment, reduced reaction time, loss of balance and motor skills, or slurred speech.
• Increased risk of certain cancers, stroke, and liver diseases (e.g.,, cirrhosis), particularly when excessive amounts of alcohol are consumed over extended periods of time.
• Increased risk of motor-vehicle traffic crashes, violence, and other injuries.
• Coma and death can occur if alcohol is consumed rapidly and in large amounts because of depression of the central nervous system.”

Have fun: You have worked very hard the last quarters and do need a break! But if you want to remember your Spring Break, make good, positive, and healthy choices when it comes to meeting people, sex, and drinking. What happens on Spring Break can affect the rest of your life if done stupidly!
Be Safe, Be Smart, and Have Fun! We will see you in the Spring Quarter!

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