Monday, November 22, 2010

OMSA Advisory Board Meeting Hightlights

The OMSA Advisory Board meets bi-monthly to address the concerns of UChicago's multicultural community. It is an important asset in helping to ensure that OMSA is effectively meeting the needs of the diverse student body. In order to make sure the broader campus community is aware of the concerns the Advisory Board are addressing, the OMSA Blog will now include meeting highlights!

Meeting Date: November 16, 2010

Special Guests:
  • James (Jim) Nondorf - Vice President and Dean of Admissions and Financial Aid
  • Rose Martinelli - Assistant Vice President for Enrollment
  • Colin Johnson - Sr. Assistant Director, Director of Multicultural Recruitment
This meeting was all about enrollment and admissions at the University of Chicago. Students on the OMSA Advisory Board expressed a wide array of concerns in regards to these topics.

  • Board Members expressed concerns about the demographics for the class of 2014. 
    • Jim Nondorf stated that the minority student population at the university has increased overall, the exception being students who identify as Hispanic or Latino. In addition, academically, newly admitted students had higher average SAT scores than the previous year.
  • Members expressed interest in the overall effect on enrollment as a result of switching from the Uncommon App to the Common App. 
    • Admissions assured Members that the the switch still reflects the University's values. Specifically because the Common App includes a "supplement" for the University of Chicago which maintains the uniqueness reflected in UChicago's application.
  • Members were concerned with the inititiaves Admission's is taking in terms of student outreach. 
    • Nordorf, Martinelli, and Johnson shared with the Board that the University has been making an effort to:
  • Personalize outreach efforts through high schools visits and mailing literature.
  • Increase relationships with prospective students in order to dispel many of the misconceptions surrounding the University.
      • Make UChicago more "accessible" to prospective students by emphasizing parts of the University that incoming students might be interested in, while still illuminating the individuality that is characteristic of the University.
  • Members expressed concerns about faculty of color.
    • Admissions stated that marketing efforts are being made to make Uchicago more attractive to prosepctive faculty members. This can be difficult however due to the decentralized nature of the relationship between the College and the Graduate Schools.
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