Monday, December 6, 2010

Student Goverment Aiport Shuttle!

Student Government is helping you get home for Winter Break! Below is the shuttle schedule and link to the sign-up form. Hurry up! Slots go quickly!

(Numbers listed in front of time slots are shuttle numbers)

Chicago – SG is running free shuttles to both Chicago airports at convenient times Thursday through Saturday of finals week!

Sign up here:

Pick-up will be in front of Ratner Athletics Center at:

O’Hare International Airport

Thursday, December 9
  • Thursday 6AM to O’Hare
  • Thursday 9AM to O’Hare
  • Thursday 12PM to O’Hare
Friday, December 10
  • Friday 6AM to O’Hare
  • Friday 8AM to O’Hare
  • Friday 10AM to O’Hare
  • Friday 12PM to O’Hare
Saturday, December 11
  • Saturday 6:00AM to O’Hare
  • Saturday 7:30AM to O’Hare
  • Saturday 9:00AM to O’Hare
  • Saturday 10:30AM to O’Hare
  • Saturday 12:00PM to O’Hare
  • Saturday 1:30PM to O’Hare
Chicago Midway Airport

Thursday, December 9 
  • Thursday 6AM to Midway
  • Thursday 9AM to Midway
  • Thursday 12PM to Midway
Friday, December 10
  • Friday 6AM to Midway
  • Friday 8AM to Midway
  • Friday 10AM to Midway
  • Friday 12PM to Midway
  • Friday 2PM to Midway
Saturday, December 11 
  • Saturday 6:00AM to Midway
  • Saturday 7:30AM to Midway
  • Saturday 9:00AM to Midway
  • Saturday 10:30AM to Midway
  • Saturday 12:00PM to Midway
  • Saturday 1:30PM to Midway
The Office of Multicultural Student Affairs is wishing you a safe trip and Happy Holidays!