Thursday, January 20, 2011

Faculty Roundtable with Professor Agnes Lugo-Ortiz

OMSA invites graduate and professional students of color to a casual conversation with Professor Agnes Lugo-Ortiz on Tuesday, January 25 from 4:30-5:30 pm. The Faculty Roundtable is a chance to get to know faculty of color outside the classroom. It meets in the cozy setting of the Amandla Lounge at 5710 South Woodlawn.

Professor Lugo-Ortiz is a professor in the department of Romance Languages and Literature. Particularly, she is a specialist in nineteenth-century Latin American literature, and in nineteenth- and twentieth-century Caribbean cultural history. Her work focuses on questions concerning the relationships between cultural production and the formation of modern socio-political identities. Since 1994 she has been on the advisory board of the Recovering US Hispanic Literary Heritage Project. She is also the coordinator of the Humanities Division's Project Towards a New Americas Studies. Her current book-length project is titled: "Riddles of Modern Identity: Biography and Visual Portraiture in Slaveholding Cuba (1760-1886)."

Join us for an evening of fascinating conversation with Professor Lugo-Ortiz!