Monday, January 24, 2011

OMSA Advisory Board Meeting Highlights!

The OMSA Advisory Board meets bi-monthly to address the concerns of UChicago's multicultural community. It is an important asset in helping to ensure that OMSA and the university administration is effectively meeting the needs of the diverse student body. In order to make sure the broader campus community is aware of the concerns the Advisory Board are addressing, the OMSA Blog includes meeting highlights!

Meeting Date: January 11th, 2011

Special Guest(s):
  • Josh Singh, Ph.D - Counselor, Student Counseling and Resource Service

The earlier part of the Advisory Board's meeting was all about stress, how it operates, its effects, and the best ways to manage it. Learning how to control your amounts of stress during the gloomy winter months is an important tool for all students, regardless of color.

According to Josh, anxiety is one of the biggest problems for students on campus. In efforts to relieve both stress and anxiety, the Student Counseling and Resource service offers Let's Talk.

Let's Talk is a program that provides informal and confidential consultations with counselors from the Student Counseling and Resource Service. No appointments or fees are necessary!

Let's Talk Meeting Times
  • Wednesdays, 11am-1pm, Rockefeller Chapel - Uncommon Room.
  • Tuesdays, 2:30pm-4:30pm, International House - Suite 291 (Office of International Affairs Suite)
  • Fridays, 1pm-3pm, 5710 S. Woodlawn (Right here at OMSA!)- LGBTQ Lounge
Visit the Student Counseling and Resource Service's website for more info on stress relieving resources and Let's Talk!

  • Board members expressed concerns about Wallace Goode's departure.
    • The Board was told that adequate efforts are being made to find a suitable replacement for Wallace Goode, and that his departure was handled fairly and appropriately.
    • In the meantime, Lori Hurvitz, Director of the College Programming Office, will be the interim director for the University Community Service Center.
  • Board members requested updates on previous concerns about CAPS effectiveness in helping students of color.
    • CAPS now has walk-in hours at 5710 every Thursday from 4-5pm! 
    • OMSA will also be meeting regularly with CAPS directors, and CAPS has promised to reach out more specifically to cultural RSOs. Also Meredith Daw, the Director of CAPS, has agreed to meet with the Advisory Board.
  • The Board discussed and gave feedback on OMSA's use of social media, Facebook and the Blog.
  • The Board discussed whether or not the Student Government Liaison should attend all or a portion of the Advisory Board's Meetings.
***At the next meeting, January 25th, 20011, Eleanor Daugherty, Assistant Vice President for Student Life and Associate Dean of the College Office of the VP and Dean of Students in the University, Campus and Student Life will be joining us so please be sure to check the Blog for the highlights from this meeting!***

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