Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Lunar New Year Highlight

Congratulations to PanAsia, Asian Student Union, Chinese Undergraduate Student Association, Korean Student Organization, Hong Kong Student Association, Singaporean and Malaysian Student Union, Japanese, Students Association, Green Campus Initiative, Asian American Intervarsity, alpha Kappa Delta Phi and Lambda Phi Epsilon for a hosting a successful Lunar New Year Celebration on Saturday, February 5.

Over 200 people participated and attended this wonderful celebration featuring dinner and a show for attendees. The dinner featured cuisines from various Asian countries. Following dinner, the show kicked off with a traditional Lion Dance by Truc Lam Lion Dance Team. Hongyi Yu, a member of the Asian Student Union Board sung a song called "One Night in Beijing", which combines pop music and Peking Opera together. Jay Sern Tan, winner of the 2008 and 2010 UChicago Chicago Idol also performed that evening. He sang 安静 (Silent).

Members of the various organizations also performed with different types of traditional instrument. Joshua Solomon, a member of the Japanese Student Association played several pieces on the Tsugaru Shamisen. A member of KSO played on the Korean gayageum, while Yeonjean Gahng danced. A performance of the hulusi was also performed by a nationally recognized Chinese hulusi winner The event appealed to many different students and all the organizations involved are looking forward to collaborating again next year.

Written with contributions by Melanie Morales and Suzanna So