Friday, June 10, 2011

Congrats 5710 Graduates!

5710 congratulates our graduates for the Class of 2011! The dynamic arrays of talent, commitment, and energy that these seniors offer have greatly contributed to the supportive community that 5710 endeavors to foster. We would like to thank all the graduates who have helped impact the 5710 community. Some of them have played pivotal roles in advocating for the creation of 5710, others have supported 5710 through their participation in our programming, and all of them have helped 5710 grow in countless ways! We wish our seniors good luck in all their endeavors, and we are confident that they will continue to exemplify 5710’s values in their future successes. Below we spotlight a few graduates whose efforts have been particularly valuable to 5710.

Antonia Clifford

Antonia majored in conversations at the University of Chicago. Her acronyms stand for a Bachelors in Sociology and a Masters in Clinical Social Work. She was one of the first batch of interns at 5710 and is incredibly proud (and sad!) to be leaving behind a group of incredibly talented and passionate individuals. She was honored to work with, and as a part of, the Office of LGBTQ Student Life and Office of Multicultural Affairs. As a student, Antonia co-founded of PRIDE Week UChicago and organized events tackling issues at the intersection of gender, sexuality, racism, privilege, power, and creation.

Antonia plans to pursue opportunities to interact with beautiful and inspirational people making personal and structural change.

Departing Remarks on 5710:
My time with 5710 has left me thinking about the importance of institutional memory in changing systems of inequality and oppression, the role of mentorship in building a full educational experience, and the ways a building can begin to feel like home. Also, every week, 5710 Intern staff meetings leave me full of smiles.

Gabriel Pastrana

Gabriel Pastrana is completing the Masters of Arts Program in the Humanities this summer. He has served as the Graduate Programming Intern for the Office of LGBTQ Student Life over the last year, and has greatly enjoyed his service at 5710 during this time. Future endeavors include fulfilling a decade's old dream of moving to California in the fall, where he plans to continue his involvement and service to the LGBTQ community.