Monday, October 22, 2012

OMSA Advisory Board Update by Alexandra Halladay

Welcome to the Office of Multicultural Student Affairs Advisory Board for the 2012-2013 school year. With 17 members, some returning and some new, undergrad and grad students alike, we’re excited to kick the off our year. Our first meeting was on Tuesday October 9th where we became more familiar with each other by sharing what we love about our school, what we dislike, what we do to destress and three parts of our identity.

After getting to know each other we opened the discussion by reviewing our commitment as members of the Advisory Board, including being fully present at all meetings and being sure to voice our own opinions and thoughts with the rest of the Board.

Continuing the meeting we reviewed some preliminary goals for the Board and OMSA to accomplish as the year goes on (which we will reveal during the next post after we have discussed them more in depth!). Some of our members highlighted thoughts and concerns that started by asking where last year's Board left off and the new changes to the Bias Response Team since last year.

Finally, to conclude the meeting, we were informed that Vice President of Campus Life and Student Services, Karen Coleman, will be our guest at the next meeting! We spent the remainder of our time highlighting questions that we want to explore with her and what we hope to gain from our conversation with her. So look out for what we hear from her during the next meeting!

- Alexandra Halladay