Wednesday, November 17, 2010

OMSA Advisory Board Meeting Highlights

The OMSA Advisory Board meets bi-monthly to address the concerns of UChicago's multicultural community. It is an important asset in helping to ensure that OMSA is effectively meeting the needs of the diverse student body. In order to make sure the broader campus community is aware of the concerns the Advisory Board are addressing, the OMSA Blog will now include meeting highlights!

Date: November 2, 2010

Special Guests:
Member Concerns:
  • Members still expressed concerns about student demographics for the Class of 2014.
    • Representatives from admissions will be at the November 16th board meeting to give more detailed information.
  • Members discussed the accessibility of voting information on campus, and political awareness of campus.
Robin Graham, an Associate Director of OMSA met with the Advisory Board to present many of the opportunities available through OMSA:
Contact Robin Graham at for more information on any of these resources.

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CAPS representative informed the Advisory Board of many of CAPS services. She also addressed several student concerns raised by the Board regarding CAPS.

  • Bora presented information on CAPS's Chicago Careers Programsprograms that provide advising, preparation, and mentorship for students interested in future careers in Business, Law, Health Professions, Higher Education, Journalism, Art, Science /Technology, and Public/Social Service.
    • Board Members expressed concerns with the effectiveness and structure of the programs, as well as their overall consistency with one another. 
    • Board Members expressed concerns with CAPS outreach to 1st year students. Bora discussed efforts being made to improve outreach to students, specifically RSOs. 
    • Board Members inquired about CAPS’ post-graduate successes. 
James (Jim) G. Nordorf, Vice-President and Dean of College Admissions And Financial will be in attendance at the November 16th OMSA Advisory Board Meeting. Check back for updates!