Wednesday, November 17, 2010

OMSA Advisory Board Meeting Hightlights

The OMSA Advisory Board meets bi-monthly to address the concerns of UChicago's multicultural community. It is an important asset in helping to ensure that OMSA is effectively meeting the needs of the diverse student body. In order to make sure the broader campus community is aware of the concerns the Advisory Board are addressing, the OMSA Blog includes meeting highlights!

Date: October 19, 2010

Special Guests: Kim Goff-Crews, Vice President of the Office of Campus and Student Life and Dean of Students.


  • Kim Goff-Crews gives general introduction and explains University offices under her control. Check here to find out: It’s a lot!
  • Board Members presented a wide array of concerns to which Kim offered various initiatives going into consideration. Note that most of these ideas are tentative. These involved:
  • Greater retail, grocery, and hotel options in Hyde Park.
  • The plausibility of a “student center.”
  • Efforts are being made to streamline and make SCC more effective, including a director specifically in control of SCC.
  • Board Members expressed possibility of more housing.
  • Board Members expressed Bookstore availability concerns.
  • Board Members expressed concerns with CAPS.
  • Board Members expressed concerns with General/Academic Advising for Minority Students, conversation included discussion of Faculty of Color.

The OMSA Advisory Board is dedicated to making sure that students’ concerns and voices are being heard. Unsatisfied with discussion topics? Let us know what you would like to be added to the conversation!