Monday, March 7, 2011

5710 SAY Cheese Study Break, Top Cheesiest Things at Uchicago

Wednesay, March 9, 2011, 5710 will be hosting an all cheese study break, featuring some of the most delectable dairy treats you can get your hands on all in one place. In preparation for the event, it's probably best to get you in a "cheesy" mood. Fortunately, as a student at Uchicago you're in the midst of the most laudable "cheesy-ness" for miles around. We bring you the Top Chessiest things at Uchicago. (In no particular order of significance.)

1) The House System - Let's face it, for all the community it brings to mostly first and second years, it's pretty cheesy. Upon entering the school you're inundated with a House name whose origins you don't particularly know, tons of puns and (sometimes) witty jokes meant to have you appreciate your experience here at Uchicago. You sit at a table specifically desginated for your house in Hogwarts-esque fashion, and from then on you have to face the assault of study breaks, house competitions, intermural sports, and house chants. Oh, and did I forget the decorations ligning the walls of your house? Yep. Decorations. And for what? All to foster a wonderful sense of comraderie that you leave behind to move into an apartment your 3rd and 4th year. It's definitely fun, but cheesy nonetheless.

2) UChicago Acronyms - Seriously? What is with Uchicago's irrational fear about pronouncing the name of any university affiliation in it's entiretly? ORCSA, CAPS, OMSA, CPO, COUP, RSO, O-everything, SG...From RSOs to adminstrative offices Uchicago is permeated with acronyms. Why? Because they're CUTE, of course, and affectionately cheesy. So much so that when any new University entitiy comes to pass, one must undoubtedly figure out how a sweet and catchy acronym might be used to describe it. But, honestly, we wouldn't have it any other way.

3)The Students - Don't deny it. From the hipsters sporting oversized sweaters and "nerd" glasses, the fashionnistas and nistos who seem to be straight from a Banana Republic catalouge, to the "That Kids," who hold a seemingly impractical level of knowledge from the entire canon of philosophy, and the incomprehensible jocks and frat boys who wear basketball shorts and flip-flops no matter what the temperature--we Uchicago students are cheesy in our own ways. And what's worse, we're aware of it.

As a student at Uchicago, you get your fair share of cheesiness. Might as well enjoy the edible kind.

5710 Say Cheese Study Break
Wednesday March 9, 2011
5710 S. Woodlawn
6:00pm - 8:00pm

Can't wait to see you. Let's join together in good ol' fashioned cheesy harmony. Pun most certainly intended.

-Aaron Talley, Class of 2013
5710 Student Intern